Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ewww! I mean...This poor child

Oh little Savanna... my sweet little girl, you are a medical nightmare.

Most of you reading this know that our first daughter Abby is a tank. She is the size of a small 5 year old (at 2 years old), and there ain't nothin' that can get this girl down. When Abby plays, she plays hard. She has the bruises and scrapes to prove it. She gets hurt, "I'm ok!" is usually the first thing you will hear. Fever? Doesn't slow her down a bit.

And then there is Savanna.
(Have you seen the movie "twins?" Scott made a joke one day that Abby got all the good genes like Arnold's character and Savanna got the left over stuff like Danny Devito's character. Sad, but true.

This poor girl got her mommy's immune system. Anything that is going around, she will get it, and it will be x100. Ever since she was born there has been something wrong with her in one way or another. And the last 10 days have been no exception.
In fact if you have a extra seconds in those prayers, maybe throw a shout out for her in there.

Our little girl has some form of herpes. Yep herpes (oral)... She was taken to urgent care last week and we were told it was Herpangina. Basically her whole mouth had filled up with blisters. But now after a little more research I'm thinking it's actually primary herpetic gingivostomatitis. Reason I'm thinking it's this is because it's mainly infecting her gums. OMG, her poor gums! The other reason I'm thinking it's this is because Scott, Abby, and myself have had cold sores in the past and herpangina is EXTREMELY contagious, and so far we are all fine.

What is primary herpetic gingivostomatitis? Well if you have ever had a cold sore, you have the herpes virus. But sometimes in young babies or kids, when they first get it, their bodies freak out and they will get a case of cold sore on steroids.

 I've never seen anything like before. I never knew it could get so bad.

You know sometimes if you look up a disease you will see images of extreme cases and just think "OMG, that poor person. Is this a real photo?"
That's Savanna right now.
Her gums are completely cover in blisters and lesions. Her gums are so inflamed that you can no longer see her teeth, other then small portions of the front 2. The front of her tongue was cover with about 8 cold sores. She has gotten blisters on her legs (None on the foot or hands, so it's not HFM disease) and now they have spread to her chin  and her cheeks. I would try to take a picture of the inside of her mouth but honestly it would just hurt her, and it is truly disgusting. Just the slightest touch to her gums and they bleed. Abby nicked her a little laying down next to her last night, and Savanna didn't really notice, but I got scared to death when she smiled and her mouth was full of blood. I mean full. I got a cotton ball and was trying to soak it up because I honestly though Abby may have knocked out her tooth. I couldn't see her tooth and there was so much blood. Eh, well her teeth are all there. At least as far as I can tell. Like I said, you can't see most of them anymore.

The other night we almost made a trip to the ER because the pain was so much for her. It was like 1:30 am and Scott and I just watched her scream on our bed for about 40 minutes. It was hardest thing to watch. We were right about to go into hospital when the meds started kicking in and she quieted down, and actually became quite perky.

Since that night neither Savanna or myself have quite slept well. I think the worst part is knowing that it's a virus. There is nothing that can be done. Just pain medication, and possibly anti-viral meds but after the first outbreak it shouldn't happen again. Gosh I hope not.
It's day 10 now of this lovely experience and the blisters should be starting to disappear and she should be getting better. However she is still getting new ones and so it's off to the doctors again. Geesh.

Of course it is now 12 days til the funnest week ever and we need to be in tip top shape! So this doc better have a miracle cure, I'll keep you posted.