Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, Okay, Okay....

So I know it's been like... awhile since I last posted, but I totally have an excuse, I had the baby!!! (For those of you that don't know)

Life as I knew it, has drastically changed. What a reality check, LOL!
I knew 2 would be different, but I had NO IDEA. But I love it!

SAVANNA LYNN WILLIAMS was born March 4, 2010 at 3:35 am. (A little tired?)

I am sooo glad to not be pregnant anymore, I feel like a million bucks! Super easy labor and delivery. I literally pushed for a whopping 15 seconds! I couldn't feel a thing.
As soon as the legs got some feeling back I was scootin' around. Scott laughed at me because as soon as I could walk I started cleaning or organizing our hospital room. For those that don't know me, I am really anal about cleaning. I just can't have clutter or messes, just can't have 'em.

Am I a germ freak? Oddly no.

If something drops on the ground, I have no problem with the 5 second rule. I just have to have my "things" in order.

Anywayz, so the next weekend my niece was getting baptized and there was a lot going on and poor baby Savanna got really sick! Started to get a nice fever. So 1 trip to the urgent care, and a blessing at midnight later (Thanks Robert for the help)... she started to get better. But as a result, she got the runs. Which led to a WICKED diaper rash. I had no idea diaper rashes could be like that. She had open sores, and they would bleed.
This poor kid has had a rough life so far!!! But she was switched to soy, and is getting better.

Now Abby...
oh Abby...

That little girl was PISSED that she was left for 3 days without us and then we came back with a new baby. My sweet little girl was lost for a few days. She definitely, shall we say, "acted out". I was so upset and crying, and feared that this was the new Abby.
BUT, she came around! And now she is so cute with Savanna. She is always bringing her stuff. When Savanna crys, she brings her blankets, sippy cups, binkys.... you name it.
(Savanna was fussy, and Abby tried to help. Ha!)

At first she wanted to help a little too much! So we got her a "baby". So for a few days, whatever we did with Savanna, she did with her baby!

So for right now, we are getting things back to normal. I am so glad Scott can work from home for awhile. days are FLYING by! There are not enough hours in the day. And I am slowly getting used to the fact that my house isn't spotless. But as soon as a routine is established I will start my cleaning schedule again ;)

So that's been life. And it is now almost 1 AM and I am not sleeping! I should probably fix that