Friday, July 2, 2010

Mud Mania!!!!!

Scottsdale's annual MUD MANIA came around and on our quest to keep the kids busy this summer, we attended.

So much fun! I really thought Damon was going to chicken out but he was a trooper! He dove right in there. It was crazy muddy.

I even ended up calf deep in the stuff. But the volunteers were awesome. Buckets of mud poured on the kids, haha...

Busy busy!

Well my little boy is 9 now! 
  It’s crazy how the time flies by… So being the super cool mom that I am I decided to throw him a Twilight Party.
   Now when most people think of a 9 year olds birthday party, they don’t think of Twilight. 
BUT, Damon is a huge fan of the books. He is currently reading, yes reading, the series. I myself and not so into it, but figured I could manage the theme.

    I went and bought candles, and Twilight stuff, and decoration… and the fun began. We were very happy that his cousins and Aunt Jody could come along. 

    We ate spaghetti and “blood sauce” by only candle light! Scott made a blood cake (red velvet, it was SUPER red!) and frosted it with black frosting into an eclipse, and we played a fun game where blind folder kids had to touch “organs” and guess what the food was.


   But the best part was the bobbing for apple slices. Yes, slices. Originally it was going to be “Bob for Grapes”, but as we soon discovered…. Grapes don’t float. So well, we bobbed for apple slices. Now I myself have never bobbed for anything so I figured I would give it a go, and I didn’t do half bad!

But the whole night was just AWESOME! So thanks to the kids and Jody cause it really was merrier with more.