Thursday, April 29, 2010



A screaming child


(Now first of all I would like to point out; No she doesn't go to bed like that, it's a loose headband and if she moves her head it just falls, and yes she can spit it out anytime. I have to mention that because you just KNOW someone will say something, lol)

      You see... my daughter like to play what I call "The Binky Game".
I HATE this game, because she always wins. As you all know, Savanna likes to cry, A LOT. And she loves her binky. The problem is that when she gets the least bit relaxed, well, the binky falls out. And now after she begins to realize that her beloved treasure is gone, she will pick up right where she left off with the screaming. So of course we stop what we are doing and replace the binky.
Now here is the kicker,

you can stand there...

you can wait all day and watch over her and she will be nice and peaceful, and that binky will stay put.


as soon as you leave and start something,


   Now it doesn't happen when you walk away, or when you even leave the room, it happens RIGHT at the moment when you think you are in the clear and so you start something.
Whether it be cleaning, a shower, falling asleep... that darn binky waits, and falls out at the worst possible time.
   So one day out of frustration I find a  headband I can't use because it's too big and came up with the what I call "The Binky Binder!"
And it freakin' worked like a CHARM!

Now don't get me started on the things we have tried to think up for hands-less feeding!

Oh and PS:
Thanks Tammy for the advice on the gripe water.
And thank you Jody for hooking us up with some!
We have used it twice and the results are inconclusive. First time it didn't do NOTHIN'.
But the second time.. I don't know if it was the water or what but like 5 minutes later she totally stopped screaming and fells asleep!!!
We will just have to try it again.

Miss Savanna has been blessed!

   Well first of all... A big shout out to my mother in-law! She made a BEAUTIFUL dress for the wonderful occasion and completed it with a white onsie and some cute white slippers ! Thank you so much. (Savanna wouldn't let us take many pictures)

   But YES! My little girl was blessed this last Sunday. She looked so pretty and just slept through the whole thing. I'm not really sure if this is like a "big" thing in the church or not, but I grew up catholic and so I liken it to when a baby is baptized so I was excited.

   Now poor Miss Abby. We never really got to do a blessing with her. Oops! But at church awhile back there was a blessing for an older child and so I'm thinking we aren't too late. One day... it will be done.

Once I get a nice picture of her dress, I'll post it.


                                      The luxuries of working from home!

(He doesn't really work this way ;-)  )

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Baby colic (also known as infant colic, three-month colic, infantile colic and colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and for extended periods without any discernible reason.

In other words... they have no idea what is wrong with your baby. And unfortunately, my child has it.
Now I would consider myself a patient person. Well actually no, that's not true. I tend to want things now. Like I can never order online because if I buy something, I hate waiting for it to ship.
BUT, when it comes to my kids I can be very reasonable.
BUT (...again)
StressedOutFace.jpg Stressed out purple face image by littlecamerashy
Last night from about 6pm-1am I held a screaming, kicking, inconsolable infant. And this isn't the first time. I think sometime between 12 and 1 I started crying to.
Needless to say, I have had a very short temper today.
I am dreading tonight. Like, really dreading it. What do you do with a baby that does nothing but cry? I feel so bad because I don't want to be around her... Every time she starts to wake up from a nap (when we can get her to sleep) I just think "Oh no, here we go". Isn't that terrible?
Lucky for her, she is very cute. So those are some bonus points for her. I don't know if I could handle all the crying if she weren't so cute, LOL.

But I do have some good news!

My house is clean!

I worked very hard this week and I got our room, living room, and kitchen dusted and today I cleaned the bathrooms! spic n' span!
I feel great! I love to clean.

It was kinda hard because Savanna was crying, but Scott jumped in and knew I needed to get the cleaning done or I would be grouchy all day. So it got done and I am one happy camper!

Now if the house would just stay clean ya know?

But other then that, not much else going on. I have so many pictures from Easter that I need to put on here and I just haven't had the time to plug in my camera and deal with them yet.
We still have no pictures in the house of Savanna, ha. I have like 200 pictures I need to get printed. Maybe if we have another rainy day...

Oh, on a side note. Know what Abby and I did yesterday? We FLEW A KITE! How cool is that? I haven't done that in like, FOREVER!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My house is being invaded...

By dust Bunnies!!!

Man, my house is so darn dusty and gross and it's freaking me out! I hate dust, And there is just an endless supply of it here! I'm not quite sure if there is just more of it here in AZ or if I just notice it more.
I remember one afternoon, I decided that I was going to clean the living room. The way I clean takes me awhile because I get EVERY little nook and cranny, and if I don't have time for that I just don't bother. I can never half fast a cleaning job.

So anyway... I started with the computer desk. A few hours later I made my way around the living room, did windows, did the molding on the floors, and so on... I kid you not that by the time I had worked my way back around to the computer desk IT WAS DUSTY AGAIN! I just stood there with my jaw dropped looking at the dust. I mean, it wasn't just a few specks, it was straight up DUSTY! I know what you thinking, and I never use a feather duster or a dry rag, I go through a pile of dampened rags so that I don't just spread the dust around.
But even if it just returns, I like to know that my house has been dusted. And I just don't have the time! I have wanting to come on here and blog a little, or even check my email and this is the first time I have been able to sit at a computer since my last blog. And even now Abby is whining in the background.

There have been days where I am seriously too busy to pee!

No joke!
And it happens a lot. I'll have to go and then someone will start crying, or need to be changed, or something! Yest. it was like 8 pm and Abby was just put in bed and Savanna was just fed and it hit me "man, I've had to pee for like 2 hours!"
I totally love having both of them!
I mean, LOVE IT! They are so cute in their own little ways.
Abby makes me laugh.
Not like a, "oh, how cute" kinda laugh. I mean she can get me to crack up! I definitely have my little quirks, and so I'm kinda weird in my own way, and I am so glad that she is picking them up. I have been know to just bust out dancing. Like full on dancing, to no music, just for fun. I do silly voices, I'll do impressions, just thing out of routine. ya know? So many of my friends have called me weird, but said that's what they love about me. I actually have mellowed out a litlet since "growing up".
I used to be way out there.
(Unless I'm intimidated by someone, I usually say what I'm thinking.
I know now that is the reason I have a hard time making friends at church. I feel like I have to be on guard. I have to "test the waters" and see just how much of a sense of humor someone has. I always enjoy a funny dirty joke, but others may not like the humor!)

I lost my train of thought..

Oh yeah! I love my kids...
They are super and awesome and the best in world! Unless you are reading this and have kids... then, yours are the best in the world.

Are you still reading this?!?!
You are a trooper! I would have stopped long ago.
Give me enough time, and I start to ramble.
But hey thanks for checking out the post and hanging in there till the end while I went off on my little tangent
Crap, both kids are waking up...