Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Hooked

"I am not a hero. You know who is a hero? Hiro, from heroes" -Dwight

I do love my T.V. shows! My most recent addictions are of course The Office. Who doesn't like that show? And also Heroes. It's funny, because when that show FIRST started, I refused to watch it simply because of the main slogans that I heard repeatedly on my favorite morning radio show. "Save the cheerleader, save the world". Argh, that slogan still bugs me. It's just corny, ya know? But my friend at the time named Scott (whom is now my husband) had me watch an episode while over at my house one night and I was immediately sucked into the saga of the various characters intertwined with one another, saving the world with there unique abilities. So I am now a fan, anxiously awaiting each week to download the most recent episode. (yes, download)

But.... does anyone else ever notice the loopholes in the story line? It's like i think the writers sometimes forget a key element in the story and it doesn't get addressed. A big example of this is with abilities. I mean, doesn't anyone else remember that Sylar has that hearing ability? That really could have changed the story line a few times. He totally would have heard Claire's dad plotting against him from the very beginning of their most recent venture. And also, they jumped ahead 4 years into the future and Sylar is a father?!?! Not to mention the kid is at least 4 years old, so who is baby's mama?

Hmm.... Really makes you think.
OK, I am totally showing my geeky side right now. And once again it's 11.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dang, it's almost 11!

Alright I did it *hanging head*,
I created a blog. I never pictured myself as a "blogger" and if the "me" from about 10 years ago saw "me" blogging now, I would have to kick my butt! Of course 10 years ago I never pictured myself to be the "get married, have children, bake cookies" type either. But so far it's become a good fit. (I used to be the punk rock type) But I have to admit that this may end up being a guilty pleasure. Everyone I know has some type of a blog or something so I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon.
Well now that I have started this thing I just can't wait to get on here and play. I could blog the night away! I am just full of thoughts and opinions... but once again, time has gotten away from me and it is now about 11pm and I have to be up in like 5 or so hours. Yuck.
Today was nice though... I was totally bad and called in from work. (I know, I know) but Abby had her first appointment with the physical therapist and I didn't want to miss it. I love working because it keeps me sane and keeps me away from terrible daytime TV shows, but I hate that I have to work sometimes because so much needs to be done.
I think being a woman just isn't fair sometimes! We are expected fulfill the stereotype of cooking and cleaning and raising children and baking cookies and so on and so forth but doing that while maintaining a full time job can WARE YOU DOWN! I do however have the greatest husband EVER and he totally understands when the clothes are still dirty and I send him to McDonalds. I have no problem trying to live up to the June Cleaver status, but if it's expected of me... there is a problem. Lol! But all that is for another night!
Guess I'll call it a night for now and get back on here tomorrow and figure this blog stuff out.