Monday, February 22, 2010

When the *poo* hits the fan....

Man oh man, what a crazy last few weeks. With prepping for court, getting the new baby's room ready and actually going to court (in California I might add), it's been NUTS! So this post might cover a lot.

We got some sad news this weekend.

My son informed us that he doesn't want to be over here. At least not as often. So after a long talk we all decided that we would cut the visits in half :( And I can't say that I blame him.
You see, he gets away with a lot more at his dad's house. And so our place has become somewhat of a drag. At his dad's he can play video games all day (rated M games), stay up all night, watch bad TV shows, and he doesn't have to go to church. One Saturday morning at 11 I called him... and was informed that he had JUST woken up. What?!?!? At 11? It was then explained to me that he was up until 1 am because over there he can sleep in front of the TV in the living room on weekends and watch all kinds of late night TV.
Well isn't that just super....
We aren't very happy with this, but every weekend we had him we were just spending way to much time getting into battles because we expect him to follow the rules of our house. Usually by Saturday night he has been whipped back into shape, he says he is sorry and he loves us and the rest of the weekend he is a normal sweet little boy again; and the remnants of his dad's house are stripped away. I mean, I bet he is way different here then over there. But by the next Friday, we are at square one again.
So if he wants to hang out there and see his "friends", we aren't going to force the issue. He really had like NO friends here. The bummer part is that now that he actually agrees and likes to go to church (He HATED it before and would throw fits because his dad didn't want him to go), he was about to make friends. Irony...

MOVING ON TO OTHER UPDATES.... COURTFunny Lawyer Cartoon 071

You know that little post I made venting about how I hate when people can be insulting about my religion and the stereotypes? Well imagine getting insulting by the deciding Riverside County Court attorney in the child support court office... Fun.

You see, while waiting to be called in, I sat there praying that we would get to meet with one of the few happy guys I had seen all morning. You know, someone having a good day and would be willing to listen and not have a biased opinion. Well instead I got a sarcastic, 2 pack a day smoker, who hates her job and has mommy issues. Oh but.... Wade (my ex) and her just joked it up while I sat there and they talked about coffee and getting a nicotine fix.

**just breath**

The trip wasn't all that bad; I mean, we did get the child support lowered a little. But I was basically accused of being a dead beat parent because I want to (as they put it) "stay home and play mommy"! And "Just because I want to have a large family, and I choose to have more children doesn't mean that I can't just not work". And "There is no reason for me to stay home with my children and not work regardless if the money gained would be the same either way".
The idea of a woman staying home to raise a family while her husband works is just not heard of. It was also joked that we "ride around on horses and pull carts" here in Arizona.
And yes, I am quoting verbatim.

What ever.......


We are ready for the baby!!!!
Here are pics for ya...


Yes we painted the room and got what else we needed and we are ready to rock and roll!
Well, we are still missing a dresser and some wall art,but it will be arriving in a week or two.

So now half of our house is all painted and decorated, and looking good. Now we just need to work on the other half. Which on one income.... could take awhile.


On another note, our new years resolution is going great! At least the spiritual ones...
We have been to church every weekend, doing family home evenings, paying tithing, I cooked dinner for some ward members and Scott got his home teaching assignments!
Go us!

So there you have it folks. All the happenings of the Williams family for the last few weeks. I will hopefully be posting more now that the waters are beginning to settle.

Consider yourself "in the loop"

Friday, February 5, 2010

People make me so mad sometimes...

**Yet another vent. This one was stemmed by a recent conversation with my ex husband, so thank him***

My husband and I currently have 2 kids and one one the way. Now one of those children doesn't actually live with us, so if you want to get technical we have 1 between us.
and one on the way...
Not 4, not 8, not 12.

Now that being said, I am aware of the stereotype for LDS families. But why when I told people my husband and I were expecting again do people role there eyes? Or even worse, actually make comments!
I think some of them were just, "Oh yeah, well you guys are Mormon right?"
to even, "You people and your families, trying to populate the earth..."

What?!? Seriously?

My own FATHER was like "Ok, but after this you guys are done right?"
And one thing I would like to point out is that almost all of these people came from families that have at least 3 children in them.
I just don't get it.
We want our children to be close in age! And as one person suggested that we are in a "race" to have the most children, that is not the case.
Now brace yourselves.....
But my husband and might even want to have THREE children some day!!!! *Jaw drop*

Not soon, and not if we don't have the money to support them. Just won't happen.
And when we were first married we came up with the nice happy number of four. We thought it would be cool to have a large family and lots of grand kids someday, and yada yada. But there is the unfortunate fact of me HATING to be pregnant.
I don't mean like, "man this pregnancy thing is kinda uncomfortable ya know?" I mean straight up HATE it with every fiber of my being!
From the moment I see those 2 pink lines on the stick I just peed on I start to panic and count down the minutes until it will be all over.
But I'm nearing the finishing line for this one. Thank goodness. It's a sad day when your 1 year old has to help you put on your socks. Luckily she likes to help and is quick to grab stuff off the floor when it's clean up time. But she does get mad when mom can't sit inside the little sandbox in the backyard.
I just guess it just comes down to the fact that I don't understand people. Like my husband pointed out, there are catholic families that are HUGE! and all types of other everyday people that have more children then I would ever care to have.
And even if some of the church members do have really large families, they are (from my experience) very loving, strong, united and faithful families! It's not our fault we know how to do it right, LOL. Sure there a few bad apples here and there, but even the worst is better then some of the people I have met that came from small dysfunctional families. If you could really call it a family.
Oh and to those of you that keep comparing or making comments about the Duggar family... THEY AREN'T MORMON! Geez. Enough already.

That's all I got, I feel better.