Friday, May 13, 2011

The discussion

    Now for most things in life, my husband and I see eye to eye. We have never really argued, and we can usually see each others point, and it ends in a "I guess we're both right" kinda way. I think I owe this civility to a handful of bad relationships where I wasn't always willing to be so complacent. But last night we had a discussion up the utmost importance, and it maddened me that I could not get him to see it my way...

"New" Micky Mouse vs. "classic" Micky Mouse.
You will notice a certain trend here in my posts leading up to our vacation. This house is filled with non-top talk of all things Disney, and I love it!

    It started by me asking if for a VERY early birthday gift of decorating the bathroom with a mild Mickey Mouse theme. We talked for a minute, and he knows I like Mickey stuff, and without thinking about it I slipped in "well if you ever get me anything Mickey, make sure it's classic Mickey."
"What do you mean?" He says. "What's the difference?"

"What?!?!" I though to myself. And I married this man?!?!
Now I'm just kidding... but I did feel the need to leave the dinner table and go to the computer to find examples of what I meant. And for those of you poor souls out there that don't know, I'll show you:

This is Classic Mickey:

And this is New Mickey:
And he says, "So what's the difference? They look the same"

Ummmmm, really? Is it just me? Am I crazy? They are totally different! But he just couldn't see it. This led to 10 minutes of pointing to a feature and discussing, pointing to another feature and discussing some more.

I eventually realized I need to pick my battles and I began to let it go.And of course at the end he threw in "Well I guess they might be a little different if you add up all the small stuff."

So it was draw. And once we again we reached common ground. However we never finished the discussion on the bathroom decor. Eh... We'll get back to that one.

But as a side note, we ended up having a great night last night because of our computer scene!
    My daughter Abby LOVES to watch you tube videos of rides from Disneyland... No really.
And it wasn't my doing I swear!
    After her last trip to Disneyland she begged everyday to go back on the pirate ride. It got to be a little old so I decided to find a video of it on you tube and she LOVED IT!!! With her imagination and a computer screen she has gone all the good rides over and over again. She gets really into it! She pretends to sit down, buckle her belt, she will raise her arms when she knows there is a drop, and yell as she reaches the bottom. It's quite a show. But after every short video I hear "mommy can you play it again?"
    But last night Scott came up with the idea of having her watch the parades.
She freaked out and started dancing all over the place. She demanded an audience and made told Scott and I to "sit on the ground and watch me." So we did. And we all danced to the "celebrate" parade. It was quite an evening =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

41 more days.

41 more days... 41 more days!!!

   41 more days until my first ever "official" family vacation and I am so stoked! Anyone that know me, knows that my upbringing didn't really allow for any "family vacations". Unless of course you count the one time my mom and I left in the middle of the night to drive 4 hours to my Aunt's house to hide away in a model apartment she managed so my step father wouldn't find us. But that's a story for another time.... But otherwise there have been no trips, no car rides, and I have never been camping or ever even really been to a zoo! (I know, I know) So this is a big deal to me.

    I am normally known for my VERY spur of the moment trips and not the well thought out planned excursions. I must mention that my husband is super awesome because he usually lets me have my way. We're talking 5:00 pm and I say "lets go to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow".... and the next thing he knows it's 2:00 am and we are trying to navigate to a hotel room. (For those of you not from California, no it's not a berry farm. Think Magic Mountain but with home cooking. I had a few friends at the time say, "You want to go to a berry farm?!?!)

   But in just 41 days my family and I are going to Disneyland/ Disney California Adventure for 6 days. Or I should say California for 6 days, Disney for 4. 4 WHOLE days of nothing but DISNEY!!!!!

I'm a little bit of a Disney dork.

It's going to be so freakin' fabulous, you really have no idea. LOL

  • Disney credit card for Disney Perks and dollars... check! (Don't worry, balance is paid in full about every week. Never even has the chance to gather interest)
  • Reservations made 60 days in advance for Ariel's Grotto, princess greeting dining... check (Oi! It's like $38 a plate... but it's THEE place to eat if you want to see the princess. and we DO!)
  • Reservations made for dining at the Blue Bayou restaurant located in Pirates of the Caribbean... check! (Another pricey meal, but SO good!)
  • Hotel booked at HoJo's... check !(For those of you who are not Disney dorks, this is the most popular resort that is not an actual Disney resort. And it's the closest resort located to Disneyland. Closer then the actual Disney hotel and it's got a water park)
  • Flight booked for the grandmother that is no longer going... check! (Don't get me started on this)
  • Pre-bought all of our Disney Collectible Trading Pins... check!
  • Buy tickets for the sale price... check!
and the best part.... are you ready? READY?!?!? It's already paid for!!! Now everything we set aside is going to be for food and fun! The big stuff is covered. LOVE IT!

   Actually the best part is how excited Abby is. I started introducing her to Disney stuff awhile back and she loves it. We don't have cable, so Abby has never watched the Disney channel, but she sure knows who everyone is! And she is ALL ABOUT the princesses! *sniffle* I thought this day would never come...

   When I started planning this trip, I got what I call, "the Disney itch". So we spur of the moment took Abby and Savanna to Disneyland. That was awhile ago and no kidding that girl still talks about it at least once everyday! She knows we are going back, but doesn't know when. So everyday she asks if we can go.
Won't she be surprised when we actually say "yes!"

So I wait, and wait and wait...
and wait some more.